A Winning Team


It is like having your own personal shopper getting the best deals for you, allowing you to spend your hard earned money on other things you need.

We will be updating as we find new items so please check frequently.

Price in red is about what we paid, after using a coupon and paying the tax. You are welcome to them for what we have in them. (In other words you are simply reimbursing us for picking the items up for you, so there is no additional tax as we already paid it.)


  • Crest toothpaste Flouride Anti-cavity 4.6 oz regular paste (only 1 left)   $.90
  • Colgate toothbrushes (medium full) Great to have on hand for   when your sons best friend crashes for the night on your couch….for keeping in the camper or in the luggage. …and who doesn’t need a new one from time to time? $.90 (limit 5 per person please)
  • Almay Mascara $1.45 limit 4 please  (Black Brown) (Also 1 in “blackest black”)
  • Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion 6 oz (1 left) $1.35
  • L’Oreal Professional “Shine Blonde” Serie Expert Client Treatment Kit         (limit 2 per person, please)    $1.00
  • Just for Men Touch of Gray (Med brown-gray) Sells for $7.99 or $8.67 with tax $3.00


  • Bic Comfort 3 Advance  priced around $5.87 (over $6 with tax at Wal-Mart)   $2.00 (2 available)
  • Bic Soleil Triple Blade priced around $5.87 (over $6 with tax at Wal-Mart) $2.00 (2 available)


Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownies Great to have on hand for those summer picnics! (Expiration says best by Sept 2011)  $.88 (limit 5 per person please)

Dream Whip whipped topping- Remember Hammett House’s Peanut Butter Dream Pie? We used to make it using this recipe back in the late 1970s but hadn’t been able to find it until yesterday! ) (  Expiration date on Dream Whip is 2011.)  $1.25


Looking for gift ideas for the little ones?

  • Jumbo Chalk 20 pcs Fun for outside! ages 3+  Sticker shows $4.99 (would cost $5.41 with tax)    now $2.25 (only 2 left)
  • Baby socks that look like baby girl shoes 3 pair in a gift box. They are from Rashti and Rashti and are are absolutely adorable. I bought them for a baby gift but they fit  0-6 months (and the baby is now 8 months. OOPS!) I am still trying to find a good picture of these….so ask when you pick up your other items. The price sticker is still on it and marked $9.99 (would be $10.84 with tax)  now $5.95
  • Someone I Love Died (Book for children) Mardel sticker $9.99 or $10.84 with tax   $1.75


Panties- Jockey Brand hipster Lavender with polka dot flowers  Size 6 (attached tag shows $10.50, which would be $11.39 with tax)    $1.25


  • Purina Kitten Chow Nurturing formula (1 lb. 2 oz.) Someone saw this at the Pet Store on sale for over $4.00.   $1.85 (limit 10)
  • Meow Mix (Kittens Nibbles) $1.85 (2 available)
  • Pedigree Denta-stick for dogs. Reg 2.98 or $3.24 with tax We have coupons for these that would make them about  $1.50 (I did not purchase any but if someone wants them I will go get them…..Let me know. Coupons expire soon.

Let us know what kind of items you are looking for and we will check the sales and coupons to find them for you as low as we can.  We want to bless our Vets and active military.

Thank you for your service to our country!


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