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Mystery Shopping

PLEASE NOTE: Click to read a well written article where they warn about a scam; posing as a mystery shopping company. This is the kind you want to avoid; instead use one of the ones listed below.

MYSTERY SHOPPING- anonymous secret shoppers who do evaluations of customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising and product quality.  A mystery shopper might check out a store, make predetermined purchases and report back on how well they were treated as a customer.

PAY RANGES from a meal to $10 an hour to hundreds of dollars for an assignment, depending upon the complexity and the knowledge needed to do a competent job. Although a few standouts report earning thousands of dollars a month, they are the exceptions that prove the rule: Almost no mystery shoppers make a living solely from the work. Think parttime extra money or paid-for meals, products and services.

FINDING JOBS- register for free with leading mystery shopping

Appeal: enormous appeal to people who want to work from home, work a couple of hours per job and accept or turn down a job on short notice.

COST: NEVER PAY A FEE. Unfortunately, hundreds of web sites hustling you to pay them to teach you how to become a mystery shopper and e-mail you job opportunities. Most are worthless — outdated mystery shopping resources with dead links, for example. (Do not be taken in by their worthless money back guarantees.)

Get paid for things you do anyway and give your opinion to improve customer service at companies

One woman wrote to a magazine that she was  at the doctor’s office reading a magazine in the waiting room when she found out about mystery shopping. And get this.. she got the doctor she was seeing into shopping too. The doctor she was seeing did $4000 in restaurant shops last year!


Mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks — such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way — and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. The information is used by the market research companies to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services.

Mystery Shopping can help supplement your family’s income. Typically companies pay within 45 days of completing the assignment. While you should never pay anything to a compnay to become a shopper,  if you shop a restaurant or store you will likely have to pay for something up front and then you are reimbursed after you submit your report. Some companies pay you a “fee” others only reimburse you for your expenses – so it’s like getting a free meal, fuel, or whatever. Some companies require that you buy something and then return it.

You should not have to pay to join any company. You may have to pay up front for your meal and wait to be reimbursed but if you have to pay them a fee then it’s probably not legit.

Obviously they can’t pay the mystery shopper in advance–what business does that? What if one  didn’t do the job correctly or didn’t do it at all? I went to a place where I had to pretend to be a customer and use (EAT!!:P) the services, so I had to spend OOP for food + entertainment. For another job that I have  for beyondhello, I am not required to spend any OOP because I’ll be buying and returning a product. I guess it depends on the circumstances of the job. The forms that I had to fill out seemed pretty legitimate. The other companies I signed up are also the same..will reimburse by the end of the next month plus we get a small shopping fee. And I did not have to pay any actual fees to the company, not like the junk I get in my inbox!

There is a large amount of write up that you have to do. If you don’t do it correctly you can have money deducted.  You  must be very perceptive and take really good notes.

It’s good if you don’t want to commit to a part time job. You can do it whenever you want. I only made about 300 dollars the past month but still, on top of that, I am getting reimbursed for things that I would otherwise buy, so it makes it worth it

It depends on the companies you work with. I have found some really obnoxious ones which pick over little details, argh, and it becomes totally not worth it!! But then I just don’t do any more with those companies. I have been enjoying mystery shopping for the most part. I really like Corporate Research International (mysteryshops.com) where you can self assign. Some of the jobs start out really low paying but if nobody takes them by the due date, they get increased. An example: I get paid about 16.50+ cost of pizza for delivery. Have to do training and learn to take photos, but it was worth it! I can complete these shops in about 1/2 hour…i couldnt get that much working an hour at a store part time. Most of the shops on corpri have easy surveys. They pay fast too, in about 2 weeks!! Give mystery shopping a shot if you are interested. Just start out with one or two shops!

There are some  companies that either require it or give preference to “certified shoppers”. Certification test: http://www.mysteryshop.org/ It’s $15 to take the Silver Level test and become certified. There are a lot of companies that only take certified shoppers or give preference to those with certification. The test is pretty easy — you read information in 3 sections online and then you take the quiz after each section — I think at most it took me an hour.

A “mystery shopper” is  not an employee, but  are an independent contractor which means you  are able to deduct mileage and any non-reimbursed expenses. Talk to your tax adviser if you have questions.

Most of the agreements between the company and the shopper state that the shopper is not allowed to tell people what clients the companies work for. The following will not reveal what specific businesses the companies shop for but  the types of businesses without the specific names.

Volition.com is a great site that will get you into mystery shopping – without paying! They have the most complete list of companies looking for people to mystery shop. You will have to do the work of signing up with each company individually – but once you do, if you are in a populated area with any type of national stores, you will start seeing mystery shopping jobs come your way. This site also gives you other ways to make money.

Following are links to mystery shopping companies. You’ll need to apply at each company that you are interested in shopping for. Fill out their application and then they will contact you if you fit their needs.

Most companies do require your Social Security Number at some point in order to pay you- do that at your own discretion. Some sites you may be able to enter 000-00-0000 or you might want to email or call them to see what their policy is.

Some of these companies do store merchandising as well as mystery shopping.

Most shops pay $5-15 — some pay more or less – some just reimburse you. I have dinner shops that reimburse between $25-$100…. It just depends on the site and what is involved. Compliance shops — these are usually shops where you go into buy cigarettes or alcohol. You do not need to be a smoker or drinker to do these shops. Most require someone under 30 to complete. To Apply: Register at www.iccds.com as a shopper, apply for your location on www.sassieshop.com/2kern

Here is a list of mystery shop companies that yo u can sign up for and automatically be in their database. When they have shops available in your state, they will send u an email stating what kind of shop it is, where it is and the pay. Then you can apply for the shop. Some of them are first come/first serve or they will assign it to you based on your score, depending on the shop. Once u have signed up with these shops, u can go straight to the job board to see what they have available. I have picked up some real nice $50-$80 dinner shops and other nice little paying jobs thru these companies.

Some say with the economy they have scaled back on mystery shopping when they were required to drive 25-40 miles to  do the shop, do the report, and all for $10-$15 all when the gas prices went so high.

I try to only take profit shops like test driving a car or inquiring about a service where I don’t have to make a purchase. Or when we go out to eat, it’s always somewhere we will get reimbursed through a shop. And I do grocery stores a lot. Pays the bills! It does take time to enter the shops and you have to weigh the benefits with the costs. Restaurants won’t make you much money, but they afford you a chance to get out where you otherwise might not be able to afford it. We got our zoo membership for the year paid for by doing a shop.

I don’t tend to take the annoying shops anymore, I’m more selective and try to do ones that benefit my family-

the annoying ones take about 1/2 hour+ to do the shop, you make a small purchase and then spend 1/2 hour- 1 hour entering the shop. Usually for about $10. And they’re shops at electronic retailers or retail stores that I don’t usually shop in or don’t need anything from. I prefer to do shops while acquiring something else I need/want like groceries, food, services or merchandise I need/want. Or getting paid ~$30 for a no-purchase shop.

But I did about 9 months of extensive annoying ones with about 10 companies to get on their good sides. If they call/email me with a shop they just can’t fill, I’m happy to do it for them. It is my way of thanking them for not making me select constantly low paying shops. We’ve turned it into a win-win situation I think.

The ones I still use most are trendsource, amusementadvantage, bestmark, coyle hospitality and baidata/apollo. I also use sqm, gapbuster, intellishop, gamefilmconsultants and jancyn on occasion.

How do I get shops?

Try the shops through the SASSIE system where you can request jobs through their job boards.Sassie is a software system that manages the scheduling of shops for companies.Although most of the sites look the same, they are not and they do not share data. You MUST sign up with each one individually.

http://www.sassieshop.com/2me/ http://sassieshop.com/2bankatlantic http://www.sassieshop.com/2bare http://www.sassieshop.com/2bareusa/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2californiamarketing http://www.sassieshop.com/2capstoneresearch/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2cirrus http://www.sassieshop.com/2confero/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2csexperts/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2shopcse http://www.sassieshop.com/2customerize/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2franchisecompliance/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2green/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2harristeeter/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2hillidunlap http://www.sassieshop.com/2intellishop/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2jancyn/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2kern http://www.sassieshop.com/2kern/index.norm.php http://sassieshop.com/2me http://www.sassieshop.com/2mysteryshoppers/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2mystique/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2nis/ http://www.servicecheckreport.com/ http://sassieshop.com/2resteval http://www.sassieshop.com/2serviceexcellence/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2serviceimpressions/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2serviceperformance/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2servicesavvy/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2servicesleuths http://www.sassieshop.com/2zellmangroup/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2tns/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2proreview http://www.sassieshop.com/proreview/index.norm.php http://www.sassieshop.com/2annmichaels/ http://www.athpoweronline.com/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2mercsurveys/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2resteval/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2sparagowski/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2mysteryshopinc/ http://www.sassieshop.com/2servicex/

Here is the same thing with the companies that use the Prophet system:

http://shopper.athpower.archondev.com http://shopper.thesecretshoppercompany.archondev.com http://shopper.sparagowski.archondev.com/ http://www.shopper.customerperspectives.com/ http://shopper.questforbest.com/ http://shoppers.nwlpc.com/ http://shopper.customer-1st.com/ http://shopper.ace.archondev.com/ http://shopper.restaurant-cops.com/ http://www.shop4results.com/index.html

Also Craigslist is another place you can go without having to pay a dime, or make referrals for someone else. (May not be available in your area.)

Yahoo has mystery shop groups where schedulers will send out postings of jobs.

When first starting some go here to get shops:

http://www.mysteryshop.org/searchmspanav.php http://www.mysteryshop.org/shoppers.php and search your state


http://www.20ishparents.com/special_interest/frugal/mystery2.shtml http://www.secretshopper.com http://www.stretcher.com/stories/980219a.cfm http://www.feedbackplusinc.com

Do a board search for mystery shopping, mystery shopper or secret shopper. If you have the time to do your research and if there are opportunities in your area, you can really make a nice bit of extra money doing shops.

I’ve worked with a few really good companies and haven’t had any bad experiences, but am certainly aware there are companies that are not on the up and up.

http://www.mysteryshopresources.com/home.html There is a list of close to 400 shopping companies on this site. Also a great forum, everyone is very friendly and there’s almost always someone around to answer a question for you!

http://www.ritterassociates.com/ is looking for folks to do gas shops

company looking for folks in Oklahoma http://www.aysm.com/

Our Little Secret! http://frost.bbboy.net/ourlittlesecret Mystery Shopping companies rated. Need to register with bbboy boards

Synovate – http://www.worldopinion.com/news?cmd=item&id=2368 (surveys)


There are a lot of companies that let you self assign shops. So yo u may get an email saying, “There is a shop available. Go to the website and select it if you are interested.” There are also companies that will let u apply for shops but they assign on a first come, first serve basis.

I would stick mostly to the ones on the http://www.volition.com/mysterylist.asp volition list. Self assign companies are great IMHO because you choose which jobs you can take. The hard part in the beginning is learning the posting schedule of each company and then literally sitting on your computer when they are posted because depending on your area these jobs go fast.

Believe it or not, you really just have to start at A and stop at Z for applying on the volition list. Make sure you have Roboform http://www.roboform.com/faq-pr.html#faq_prevversions and I would type up a good narrative of your best and worst dining experience and save in word (if you have been shopping for a while you probably already have something saved, just change names, and places) It is a pain but well worth it. From what you told me you are missing out on a lot like gas, grocery, clothes, and cosmetics to name a few but I do love the company you are working with!

The last week of the month  start booking for the following month. I am usually automatically assigned shops each month by some companies. When the new month rolls around I check my emails and job boards every day so I can book more shops. Try to be available to take any cancellation shops also.

Service Intelligence http://www.serviceintelligence.com/ allows you to pretty much “self assign”

https://www.shopnchekshopper.com/XP2/ I did my first “shopnchekshopper” job and I was paid the full amount within 3 weeks. I also called in and gave my report.. took about 5min. I was very pleased and am looking forward to doing many more in the future.

Another said “I have shopped for shopnchek for two years and they do pay on time. I have shopped gas stations, McDonalds, Burger King, Old navy and Radio Shack, amongst other.”

Shop ‘n Chek https://www.applyshopnchek.com/index.aspx- nice lil company. they pay on time. this is where I get the pet food shops and they do lots of fast foods. I always can find work with them.

http://www.shopnchek.com/intro.html This one is jokingly referred to as shop n cheap because of the low paying shops but they sometimes offer good bonuses at the end of the month depending on what area you are in.

FYI I do 80% of my shops thru Shop n Chek and they pay like clockwork.. the 10th of each month and now they even offer direct deposit… and all reports are done online and you just mail in the receipts or I scan them and email … no costs at all… I highly recommend Shop’n Chek, the pay may be a bit low in the overal scheme of things but I balance out ease of working with along with availability and ability to self-schedule and do online and I love them!

A few of the easier self assign boards to break in on are:



http://www.iccds.com/ http://www.infotelinc.com/

I just did a major department store today and got paid $29 for an hour to walk around to the departments to see how the sales associates interacted with me. Last week I did a major pet store where I had to make a purchase. Since the shop pays $10, I just brought $10 in cat food for my cats. You learn to get creative so you can get something out of it. Don’t do shops where you have to make a purchase and your pay is reimbursement only, and u cant use the purchase. I am usually scheduled for 12 grocery stores a month at $10/piece.. so I will buy $120 in food for the month and consider that free groceries.. get what I’m saying? I get paid to go to movie theaters and count the number of seats in a theater for a particular show. Notice I said the number of seats.. NOT the number of people. So after I get done counting, I sit down and watch a free show.

I also do a lot of apartment and retail shops. I used to do lots of restaurant shops, however I gained 25 lbs and had to cut back big time.. so I limit restaurants to like one or two a month. I will only do restaurant shops where I will get over $100 reimbursement for a meal… those are the high end shops. I did a shop last year where I was sitting at the bar and some celebrities walked in. Since it was a shop, I had to pretend like I was used to eating in places like that and seeing famous people was no big thing for me. When I first started getting high end restaurants, all my friends wanted to go. So here we are in this fancy restaurant, with 5 people eating off of one steak… asking for hot sauce and stuff. But now I’ve learned to leave some folks at home because some folks don’t know how to act.

Last summer I hit the concert shops and would get reimbursed for 2 tickets, 6 drinks and food for the night. I got to see Common, Al Green, the Neville Brothers, KC & the Sunshine Band and Teena Marie all for FREE. You just cant beat that! I would also do hotel shops where they would pay me to stay overnight and get a free dinner and breakfast. And I also do casino shops where they give me $75 to gamble with. I used do Bulls and Blackhawk games too.

The majority of chain places are shopped. So any chain you can think of and that u would like to shop, call them and sometimes they will tell u the company that shops them. As a shopper, I cant tell u who shops them.. but I can tell u if they get shopped. McDonalds, Subway, Boston Market, Ole Country Buffet, White Castle.. these places all get shopped by the same company. Think of places that u visit on a regular basis.. those may get shopped. My bank gets shopped all the time. .. Target, Wal-mart, K-mart… stores in the mall. Expensive restaurants can be chains, but may have different names in other cities. So check them out on the web. Or you may have a company who owns 5 expensive restaurants in your area and they all get shopped Lettuce Entertain You is another company that hires shoppers just for their restaurants.

I’m just an ordinary person  and if I can do this as a side business and reap all these benefits, then anyone can.

Once again, check on the mystery shopping boards before u take any assignments and see what other shoppers are saying about the companies. If u read that they arent paying folks then dont take any shops from them. I dont want u doing shops, not getting paid However, there are more good shops then there are bad ones.

You can also send an email to Elise@BLDSchedulingServices.com with all of this information:

  • Full Name:
  • Full Address:
  • Home Number:
  • Work Number:
  • Cell Phone Number:
  • Cities You Can Shop:
  • Any mystery shopping experience you have:

She is a GREAT independent scheduler that schedules for different companies and she will add you to her database.

I just got an email about $25-$32 bank shops. They are looking for new people.

For example, one said she  did a concert shop. (Usually with this company I get to pick what concert she wanted to go to. But instead they assignedherthe shop and told her to go on a particular day. Well the concert for that day was a Neil Diamond impersonator named Super Diamond. Now I don’t know about u.. but where she was fromblack folks dont listen to Neil Diamond let alone his impersonator. So she made a big deal to the company on why she should’t do this shop because the crowd would be all white and with her and her guest being black, they would stick out like a sore thumb. But they   insisted that   there would be folks of all colors there.

So she did the shop..lo and behold, they were the ONLY people of color in the whole concert hall. And she got spotted.. which means the manager knew she was a mystery shopper and reported it to the company. Once u are spotted, u don’t get paid because evidently you didn’t hide your tracks well enough. As a shopper u are suppose to “fit in” and not be obvious. But how can a black person fit in at a Neil Diamond concert????

So she went back and forth with the president of the mystery shopping company and they decided to pay based on what she told them would happen. She  specifically told them she did not want to do the shop because she would get spotted and she did!

One woman recently got fired from a company because she put in her report that she saw a lot of fat people at the restaurant and so that meant the restaurant served good food. The restaurant didn’t like that comment

One persons opinion on how the certification helps… If you register with a Mystery Shopping Company they immediately give you a shopper “Rating” that determines what kind of jobs you get and how much they pay (more experienced shoppers with better ratings get the great shops that pay more and take less time to do).

When you sign up as a new shopper with a mystery shopping company and enter your certification number, MOST of the sites will automatically put your rating at 3 out of 5 points… before you even shop a store for them. The reason is that you have been TESTED on the basics of shopping, you know, due to having taken that test and having passed, the rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts of shopping. That automatically puts you in a different category than Jane or Joe Schmoe who just filled out a form and submitted it.

YOU SURE CAN do it without being certified… But keep in mind that it cost just $15 to become certified and the payout on the shops you get offered, and the ease of doing them will be immediately improved so you will make that $15 back more quickly than working for months to get your rating to the same place you could without being certified.

I have been shopping for a good while. I have cut back on the number of shops I accept because of my health. I get offered more shops than I can do, even when I was feeling great I was being offered more than I needed or wanted.

But as far as a rating or a company paying you more or getting the best shops. I have found that, even though I am not certified:

1. If you accept a shop, Do it and do it right and on time, and completely. Do that a couple of times for a company and you will start getting better offers and more jobs, because they know they can COUNT on you, and that you are RELIABLE, and can follow THEIR INSTRUCTIONS to a “T”. That is what Mystery shopping companies are looking for, consistrnt, quality, reliable, complete. Do this and you will begin to get more offers than you could possibly want to do.

http://www.work-at-homejobs.com/ showed this list-

Howard Services

Every day our needs change for retaining the services of Mystery Shoppers. Although we have national clients, our concentration is in the New England and Mid-Atlantic areas

Michelson & Associates, Inc

Get paid for shopping! We are looking for honest, observant, responsible women and men all across North America to evaluate customer service, courtesy, sales effort, store cleanliness, etc.

Second To None, Inc. http://www.second-to-none.com/ USPS $12

In exchange for completing a written evaluation of your experiences, we pick up the tab. For restaurant visits, we pay for the entire meal, including tax and gratuity, for you and a guest.

Nervous about sending personal info into a company from the net.

Any other Shopper job’s I have had have all been independent contractor work. Here’s the email…:

Mail to:

Maritz Research

Attn: Personnel Department

10875 Grandview Street, Suite 2280

Overland Park, KS 66210

Please include a copy of your Drivers License and Social Security Card to satisfy the requirements of the I-9 form.

As per federal law, all required forms must be completed and received by

us before employment commences and work begins.

Your login ID is:

Your password is:

If you have any questions, please contact our personnel department at


Thank you,


I have talked with other people about this company, and they are totally legit.

HOWEVER . . . I personally am not comfortable giving that sort of information, just to do mystery shopping.

Maritz treats it’s mystery shoppers as employees, which is a whole different ball game. I know a lot of people who can’t “work” due to Social Security, or other concerns like that. Maritz would not be the company for them.

If you know there will be a lot of work for you with them it might be worth it, but aside from that, I would look at some of the other reputable companies.

I have shopped for this company for about a year now, and they are great. Their shops are relatively easy, and the schedulers are great. If you are serious about mystery shopping, you will find that there are a lot of companies that require the sort of info you are referring to, it’s up to you whether you decide to do it , of course, but I have never encountered any problems.

I love working with them, they are a great company! Their assignments are easy and they usually pay in 3-4 weeks. Don’t be afraid to send your personal info, they have been in business a long time.

I think they usually pay around $9-$10 for a shop, and then if you have to make a purchase that is extra. They usually mail the checks out pretty fast compared to some companies. I think they cut checks twice a month??

More information: http://pages.ivillage.com/lwmsavon/laurascouponingandrefundinghintsandtips/id7.html

These might be more good ones to check out:

  • Marketing Endeavors**
  • Mercantile Systems**
  • MSI
  • Nationwide Services Group
  • Service Check**
  • TNS Intersearch**

I corresponded with a Mystery Shopper who did this for a living…….While I still haven’t done any maybe you can find some information in these excerpts:

Mystery shopping is not a way to get rich quick. There have been a lot of articles out lately about people making a lot of money shopping but it just isn’t true. Shopping is a REAL job and you do have to take it very seriously. It is a great part time thing to do that you can set your schedule with but most shops for beginners only pay $8-$15 and require about a 30 minute report on top of the actual shop. Some shops require that you make a purchase that you are later reimbursed for and some that you return. The average wait for pay is about 60 days so be prepared for that.

Mystery shopping may be great for some, but if you’re on a tight budget be warned that some companies can take up to 3 months to reimburse you for your shopping and pay you for the shop. Most mystery shopping companies you have to put out the buck for meals, shopping, etc and then they reimburse you, plus pay you for doing the shop. After doing the shop you will have to fill out a shop report that can be anywhere from 1 page to 5 or more. Then they want you to fax the report back to them, or call it in. Some companies you can report on their website. If you are required to fax the report to them they don’t reimburse you for the charge of the fax! If you don’t have access to a fax machine for free this will take away from your money to do the shop. Some companies pay well, some don’t. Don’t expect big bucks from doing this. You will also have to remember a lot of things while doing the shops. I did mystery shopping for over two years before we moved and I shopped for a lot of different companies. When I started I put out a lot of money before I started getting reimbursed.

Some companies won’t pay unless you use paypal. Only 2 that I know of use paypal.. There are others.. but mostly my checks come thru the mail.

When I first got started I would take any shop possible. Then I realized that some of them were a waste of my time. For example, there are some shops out there that will pay you $5.. but u have to consider the time it takes to drive to the place, do the work, come back home and then fill out the report.. you basically just got paid $5 for an hour or so work.. not worth it.

I won’t take any shop that will take me longer than an hour to do and pays less than $15. So for example, if I can get a bank shop that pays $15 and I can drive there, perform the shop, return home and fill out the report all in an hour, then I just made $15 in an hour. Get what I am saying? The more money the shop is, I will allow more time to do it. If there are low paying shops along the way to my high paying shops, then I will pencil them in.

There are some companies that will not pay if your report is untruthful or you say some crazy stuff. It happened to me once, but I disputed it and I ended up winning

The only disadvantage to shopping is that it can be time consuming. Yes, u may get a $150 dinner, but then u will spend like 3-6 hours writing the report. Some companies want DETAILS. They want to know what is said word from word .. what color was the plate… what was the food seasoned with.. did the waiter have any teeth.. could he speak English well.. they want all that info. If u bring friends with u to shops, train them on what to listen for so they can help u out.

Make sure u research the company before u shop them. If u go to the volition board, and do a search, they will have feedback on companies. Some companies are shady and wont pay or are very behind in payments.. beware of these companies especially if they are a company that reimburses.

You don’t want to spend $50 and risk not getting reimbursed for months or maybe not at all. But for the most part, companies do pay you. The only time they don’t pay is if you lie or are spotted. If you don’t get paid and they have no reason not to pay you, u can report them to MSPA or BBB.

If you don’t want to use your SS# u can use a tax id # if you have one.. or u can apply for one. I have never put down my social security# when applying, if I get jobs from them then I will offer that info, but otherwise no…….and I still have gotten jobs……… the jobs go fast so you really have to keep on top of the companies you sign up with…

Most MS companies treat you as independent contractor. (i.e they don’t take taxes out of your payments, and you are responsible for filing taxes if you make over $600 dollars/year. You also need to report this as extra income on your taxes…… You are able to write off anything pertaining to your business. You get a 1099 from any company where u make more than $600 with.

Mystery shopping is fun, but it can be tedious and time consuming…but the work is easy , you have flexible hours, and great pay. Most jobs ask shoppers to go to a store, (usually a national franchise business – such as The Gap, Macy’s, and Chili’s), spend a few minutes checking or purchasing pre-selected merchandise, evaluate the service received, and turn in a report describing the experience. Other jobs involve visiting restaurants and evaluating the food and service received, with the meal for the shopper and a companion reimbursed. Of course, details of mystery shop jobs vary per job.

Whatever you do, do not pay to get information on mystery shopping. Everything that I learned about it, I got from the net free. I did buy one book that was helpful because it had forms and other things in it to keep track of things.. but u can make up your own forms. Do not EVER pay anyone to mystery shop or for information on shopping. Never pay for that which is free. If they ask you to pay–It is a scam!

A recent e-mail I received after signing up to do shopping:

Satisfaction Services Inc. www.satisfactionservicesinc.com/home.html has been hired to shop restaurants on the Turnpike in FL from Miami to Orlando and have IMMEDIATE shops!! Anyone traveling the turnpike can complete these shops. Fast food restaurants on the Pike are open for March and for upcoming months. Shops in Miami Dade/Palm Beach and as far up as Ft. Drum Svc. Plaza and Yeehaw Junction.

FL – Mystery Shops on the Turnpike — FREE FOOD!! $25/shop for hard to fill areas!!!

FL – Mystery Shops on the Turnpike — FREE FOOD!!

Shops are at a nationwide fast food chain and we are making sure thier new promotions are being marketed properly, the facility is clean and the food is good.

Anyone from S. Florida traveling North to Orlando will pass through Ft. Drum Service Plaza. If you or anyone you know are traveling North to Orlando please have them call us and we will feed them for free at a Nationwide fast food chain.

Max reimbursement for food + we will pay you $$ to fill out our online evaluation form for the client.

If have never shopped with us before and are sure you are not in our database go directly to our website and fill out the online application to become a mystery shopper for us. DO NOT SIGN UP MORE THAN ONCE.

http://www.satisfactionservicesinc.com/home.html Click ‘join our shoppers’

If you have already shopped for us and would like to see what we have simply give us a call (you should have the number) and see what we have.

We have nationwide shops and need shoppers all over the state of FL for Immediate fast food and cellular phone shops.

Thanks for all your help and if you can shop the Ft. Drum Service Plaza please call as soon as you fill out your form so we can give you a shop.

Happy Shopping!!

Satisfaction Services Inc.


Compensation: $25/shop for hard to fill areas!!!

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